Who’s hiring now?

Last week I held a live Office Hours event to address the many concerns from families about post-grad employment, the job market, and the new ways companies are screening candidates. I am sharing the video replay of the event to help you and your grad during this time.

Highlights include:

  • Hiring trends— 4:28 minutes/seconds
  • One-way interview tips— 9:39
  • How to get a job at a company that is not currently hiring
  • An entry-level job asks for 3-5 years of experience. Should a grad
    — 35:29
  • How do I help my son figure out what he wants to do for a career?
    — 41:51
  • My son makes it to the final round of interviews and never gets the
    What should he do?– 59:59

I also answer many questions on new ways to network using LinkedIn and Clubhouse, whether to use a recruiter, and how to find jobs in your city. You can see the Live Office Hours with links to the resources shared in the comments here.

If you know a student or grad who needs help with launching their career, we are now accepting registrations for our next Fast-Start Group Coaching Program beginning Thursday, April 29 at 12:30 pm EST. The program runs for 8-weeks. Our clients tell us they love this program and they are getting hired. You can learn more about Fast-Start Group Coaching HERE.