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 The job search for grads can be tough.

Getting a job out of college can be challenging, and employers have high expectations, even for young adults taking their first steps in their careers. There is a clear gap between the skills students think they have to offer and what employers expect from them at work.

That’s where we come in.

Next Great Step understands the challenges of young professionals and the guidance that is needed to create confident, focused candidates that put them at the top of a company’s candidate list. Professional career counseling and internship guidance for college students is what we do.

We provide small group and private programs via live on-line video coaching to support college students and grads. We work with college sophomores and juniors to help with finding an internship and we work with college seniors and grads (up to 5 years out) to have success landing that job after college.

These services are ideal for:


College Sophomores planning ahead for the summer internship of Junior Year.


College Juniors and Seniors planning ahead for the next internship or campus job interviews.


Recent graduates who need to get a job out of college.


Those seeking guidance on which career path to pursue and how to effectively impact your network and prospective employers.


Students and graduates who need last minute preparation for interviews or meetings.

Every engagement will be customized to individual needs and requirements. Recommended services will be determined after the initial consultation. 

What Our Parents are Saying

Within a matter of weeks of working with Next Great Step, before even finishing, my son was able to secure a great job and successfully interview for others.

Marlene L.


We were amazed at the difference Next Great Step made in our son’s ability to understand his strengths and the value that he brings to an organization.
Elizabeth K.