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We help college students and grads land the job they deserve.

Getting a job out of college can be challenging, and employers have high expectations, even for young adults taking their first steps in their careers. There is a clear gap between the skills students think they have to offer and what employers expect from them at work.

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Professional career counseling and internship guidance for college students and grads is what we do.

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  • Our programs start at an 12-week commitment. These programs have enabled the best job outcome.
  • We do not offer hourly rates/sessions and our program pricing starts at $3200.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer hourly rate/sessions?

Our programs start at a 12-week commitment. These programs have enabled the best job outcome. As a result, we do not offer hourly rates/sessions, and our program pricing starts at $3200


How do you differ from the career services that are offered at my child’s school?

Our college grad career advising services are more customized to the unique needs of your child. Many students do not utilize college career centers – either due to fear, inaction, or the perceived stigma associated with seeking help. We find that college students are much more comfortable with the customized approach. Having said that, we strongly encourage your child to utilize the services offered by the career centers at their college or university. They have access to contacts at companies, career fair information, and on campus recruiting opportunities.


What is your success rate?

Over 80% of our college students and recent grads land the job they desire. A majority of our clients achieve full time employment or internships within six months of completing our program.


My child has a non-traditional major/background. Can you work with them?

Yes, definitely. Our career coaching program is customized to the unique needs of each of our students/college grads and is designed to teach them the tools not only to effectively network, but to communicate their skills and the value they can bring to an employer. We have worked with grads and students with all educational backgrounds – engineering, foreign languages, women’s studies, English, supply chain management, communications, digital media, videography, art history and finance, to name a few.


I live in NYC but my child goes to school in LA. How do you deliver services?

All of our college career advising services are done via Zoom Video conferencing. This allows us to meet real time with students/grads who are located around the U.S. This technology can be easily downloaded to any computer and allows us to not only meet, but also record our sessions for future reference and share documents. Our clients tell us they love it.


My child does not know what field they want to pursue. Can you help them?

Absolutely. Our customized program is designed to help college students and recent college grads understand their core skills and leverage them to figure out the best career path. We teach them how to speak with industry experts who can clarify the requirements of working in a specific area. We work with clients to narrow down career choices and focus on an industry of interest.


My child is a sophomore. Is it too early to start your program?

Not at all. It’s never too early to start preparing for the future. Our techniques are helpful for students who are looking to begin networking and starting to think about summer internships and full-time employment upon graduation. We work with students in all years of college and graduate school as well.


Do you guarantee employment?

We do not guarantee employment. Our mission is to provide the tools to aid your student in a successful job search. We have many success stories that we would be happy to share. Clients speak very highly of Next Great Step’s career advising services.


Are you recruiters and do you have a job-listings?

We are not recruiters. Our mission is to help clients focus on a career they want to pursue and then go after it with confidence. We teach young adults how to develop a strategy to know what skills they bring to the market and who to bring it to. Our goal is for our clients to approach the job search with confidence and articulate the value that they will bring to an employer which helps them to land the job.