The Value of Career Coaching

Think “Career Coaching” is limited to people with years worked in their fields? Think again.

Employers have high expectations for new hires, too. Career Coaching for college students has become a key factor in making the transition from a “student” to an “employee”.

We have all seen the headlines. Getting a job out of college can be challenging, and employers have high expectations, even for young adults taking their first steps in their careers. There is a clear gap between the skills students think they have to offer and what employers expect from them at work. The value of career coaching for new college grads has never been more important.

That’s where we come in.

Colleges may prepare grads for academic rigor, but often they are not giving students the roadmap required for career success. Career coaching has become key for new graduates making their transition from “student” to “employee”, and learning how to get that job.

Career coaching for college graduates is specifically designed to bridge the gap between college and the real world.

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“Since the start of the pandemic, hiring for entry-level college graduate positions has fallen 45%, more than for any other category of education. This is especially troubling because the first job after graduation is critical to launching a career. Those who start behind tend to stay behind.”

"The Crisis of Unemployed College Graduates"

“66.4% – Average percent of eligible interns converted to Full Time Employment”

“79.9% – Average percent of eligible interns receiving a job offer”

“56.6% – Percent of employers who screen candidates by GPA”

National Association of Colleges and Employers - Internship and Co-op Report 2021

“63% of college graduates who had completed a paid internship received a job offer within six months of graduation, compared with 37% of those in an unpaid internship and 35% of those who didn’t have one at all. What’s more, graduates who completed a paid internship earned a higher starting salary.”
"If You Want A Cool Internship This Summer You Should Do This Right Now"




“Fewer than 20 percent of undergraduate students reach out to their school’s career centers for advice on finding jobs or finding and applying to graduate programs”

"Why Aren't College Students Using Career Services?"

“Fifty-nine percent U.S. hiring managers said they had difficulty finding candidates with so-called “soft skills” — the interpersonal skills that can make a workplace function smoothly.”
"Do You Have the "Soft Skills" Employers Badly Need?

“One of the big problems for new employees is that they don’t know what they don’t know, especially when it comes to soft skills–like working with people and being self-motivated, as opposed to hard skills like knowing how to code.”
"Just Graduated, and Fumbling Through a First Job"

“Almost two thirds of employers – 65% – were looking for two or more internships, while 35% felt three internships was the minimum students should have completed by the time they graduate.”

"The Class Of 2017 Face A Reality Check When They Graduate From College"

“College students who perform well in summer internships have long had an advantage with hiring managers once they graduate.”

"Do You Need to Do an Internship Before You Graduate From College?

“We have a crisis of confidence among most students regarding their readiness to launch careers: Only a third of students believe they will graduate with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the job market (34%) and in the workplace (36%). Just half (53%) believe their major will lead to a good job.”

Strada-Gallup College Student Survey

“Workplaces are engaging in more on-demand or last-minute hiring, so students can’t know even months in advance what they need to know for a job, let alone before signing up for classes or before picking a major. We’re asking 23-year-old new graduates to act like 35-year-old experienced workers.”

"Why Getting A Good Job is So Much Harder for Today's College Graduates"

“Approximately 65% of parents expect to support their kids for up to five years after they graduate from college.”
"Parents: Your College Grads Expect You To Support Them Post-College"