Do you know a college student who will be graduating and getting ready to take on the real world of work?

Or maybe your young adult is STUCK and stressed out on how to actually meet the right people to land that job.

According to a Strada/Gallup poll, “More than 50% of students feel unprepared to get a job and only 1/3 believe they have the skills needed to be successful at work.” In spite of record low employment, recent grads are still struggling.

Here are 4 reasons why hiring a career coach could make the difference for your grad to get a job:

1. Guidance

Your grad thought their major was a fit for them but now they second guess it. They are not sure what they want to do. Or your student applies to every type of job, regardless of their interests, and nothing is working. They lack focus. A career coach can help your grad to focus on what skills they are really good at and then help them figure out what fields can leverage those skills. Next Great Step helps candidates create a clear strategy to understand what skills they can bring to the market and focus on who they can bring it to.

2. Tools & Strategies

Your grad has applied to many jobs online with little response. They may have had some interviews, but they have not heard back. Your grad is smart and can do the work but cannot get to the next level to get themselves noticed. A career coach can guide them on how to network and connect with the right people, in the right way, to move further in the process. Next Great Step helps candidates highlight their strengths and help them to feel more confident. We teach a simple step-by-step structured approach that helps them get results.

3. Buffer

Parents offer great advice but often the adult child refuses to hear it. Tension and frustration prevail on both sides. A career coach is an outside party who can provide advice without the emotional stress from a parent/child relationship. Next Great Step staff are industry professionals and parents of young adults…we get it!

4. Expertise & Results

Grads want rewarding work with financial independence and parents want their kids off the payroll. A career coach can help a grad to articulate their value to employers and stand out from the rest. Next Great Step help grads to present a professional and consistent image from interviews to resumes and online presence. The chances of a recent grad getting hired are significantly higher with the right guidance from a career coach who understands the hiring process.

Next Great Step is a unique career coaching service in that we solely focus on college students and recent grads. We use a proven business approach to help grads get focused on what they want to do and then help them to feel confident on how to manage the career search process.

We teach them how to differentiate themselves from other candidates and a results-oriented approach for resumes, LinkedIn, cover letters and more. Ultimately, we teach grads how to execute every time they interact with someone. Whether going for an interview or writing a letter, they have a very clear plan on what they want the outcome to be and they know how to get it. By teaching them how to speak confidently about themselves, along with effective job targeting, a career coach can help guide them to success.

If you know a grad who needs help, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you further. You can contact us for a complimentary consultation here.

Our Fast Start Group Coaching runs monthly. Contact us at 973-577-6161 to learn the next start dates.