I’m still wiping away the tears from dropping off my youngest son at college and hugging my older son tight as he drives off to his second year of grad school.

I’ve done this before, but it doesn’t get easier.

This is the season of change…. kids are back to college, new grads are starting jobs, and families are trying to navigate this transition.

My phone has been ringing off the hook from parents calling with concerns:

“My recent college grad is panicked that he is the only one of his friends who has not landed a full-time job.”


“My son is applying to hundreds of online jobs with no response. I don’t know how he will get an interview and the rejection is hurting his confidence.”


“My daughter is a rising college junior and is thinking about an internship for next summer. She is trying to get a head start… but not sure where to begin.”

We understand these worries.

As experts, and parents of young adults, here is our advice:

1. Wait it out. Let your young adult manage the job search process on their own. They may struggle. They may have success. But it may be time to let them navigate their new situation. If and when they need help, they will come to you. Rushing the process may bring more tension and angst to their situation.

2. Empower yourself. Get the “must have” resource for parents on how to support a college student or grad to land the job they deserve. Our Amazon #1 Best Seller, The Next Great Step: The Parents’ Guide to Launching Your New Grad into a Career” has tips and resources to enable you to support your grad in their job search journey. Grab a copy NOW.

3. Seek outside help. This is what we do. If you want an expert to help navigate this process with your young adult, our advisors are here to help. Next Great Step offers a complimentary consultation to understand your concerns and help your grad land the job they desire. Let’s Talk or call us at 973-577-6161.

“Parenting is a life time job and does not stop when a child grows up.” –Jake Slope

We are here for you!