On September 2, 2020, Next Great Step was featured in The Wall Street Journal in Kathryn Dill’s article titled “The New Rules for Landing a Job in the Covid Era.” Beth Hendler-Grunt shares insights on how the hiring landscape has changed, and how college grads can stand out and get hired during the pandemic.


The following are highlights and excerpts from the article:



Networking is critical to the job search, as applicants who have a connection are nearly three times as likely to get a job.

Have clear and realistic goals.

Having clarity about the types of jobs you are looking for helps you focus for a more successful job search.

Be flexible and pivot.

Beth Hendler-Grunt shares that college students and grads can be flexible and consider their skill set. “They can pivot easily.” “If you’re great at writing or research, maybe you can do it for other industries.” The health care, retail, and food service sectors have had the most growth, including e-commerce and delivery jobs according to Glassdoor data. The industries with the fewest openings were business services, finance and insurance, construction, and real estate.”

Prepare for virtual interviews.

Job seekers need to be prepared for a 1000% virtual interview process. “Test your technology with a friend first, bring high energy to the call, and dress up,” Hendler-Grunt said. It is important to make sure your background looks professional. She shares, “it’s fine if you’re the most dressed-up person on the video call.”

Read the full WSJ article here.

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