Seven years ago in April of 2015, I launched Next Great Step. As I reflect on this business and its trajectory, I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished during this time.

I started at ZERO…. no outside funding, no business plan, (I probably should not admit this after getting an MBA), and no structure.

All I knew is that there was a problem in launching college grads into a career and I was pretty confident I had an approach to solve it.

The path was not easy.

Most people never heard of this service of helping kids “get out” of college.
I did a lot of research.
Figured out my competition.
I did a lot of coaching for free.
I tested the process.
Made a lot of mistakes.
I had my friends and family members give me feedback on websites, branding, topics, marketing… everything.
I hustled.
I bootstrapped the company.
Called a lot of people.
I did many free presentations… at universities, libraries, synagogues, and barbershops (yes… even a barbershop.)
I made more mistakes and screwed things up.
I networked.

Then I had this moment.

Nine months after I started this venture, I did not have ONE paying client. ZERO. I distinctly remember talking with a friend who said to me,

“What are you doing? Should you really keep going with this? This is a lot of effort and you have no clients or revenue.”

That hit me hard.
I knew this. But it was hard to hear.

I started to question everything I was doing. Maybe I should just go back to a corporate job and make “real” money.

A week later, I got my first paying client.

My point is that the process for getting what you want is HARD. It takes time, and persistence…just like a job search.

However, like a job search, I want to highlight our accomplishments. We have:

  • Guided hundreds of student and grad clients through group and private coaching programs
  • Evolved our interviewing guidance to incorporate both virtual and one-way interview prep
  • Partnered with corporations, government agencies, and universities to enhance their internship/college-to-career programs
  • 90% of our clients landed the job they desire
  • Earned 65+ 5-star Google reviews and hundreds of client testimonials
  • Generated 10X growth from 2016-to 2021
  • Been featured in the Wall Street Journal 4x, NYTimes, Fortune, CNBC, SiriusXM 4x, National TV News segments, Apple/Spotify podcasts
  • Clients hired at companies such as Amazon, JP Morgan, Deloitte, EY, NBA, MLB, Yelp, and many others.

The most important accomplishment is that our young adults now have the CONFIDENCE to approach their search. They have an understanding of their VALUE and what it takes to be successful in landing the job. It’s as if each of these clients is my own child and I do whatever it takes to help them succeed.

I am so THANKFUL and appreciative of the families that have put their trust in us to support their young adults.

I am also thankful to the Next Great Step staff who have enabled this success.

Some would say… you’ve done it. Launched a successful business and you are seeing results, just sit back and enjoy.

But that’s not me.

I want to be able to bring these services and these concepts to a much larger audience. I want to share my expertise as a thought leader in this space.

I am excited to announce the launch of my first book: The Next Great Step: The Parents’ Guide to Launching Your New Grad into a Career.

I wrote this book because I have spoken with hundreds of parents who want to see their children achieve career success after college but are not sure how to guide them. This is the solution to what parents are looking for. I can’t wait to share it with you later this year in 2022.

And we continue to grow our team of coaches as we support students and grads across the entire US.

I’m not sure what the next 7 years will bring… but I can’t wait.

If you want to learn more about how we help students learn the secrets to landing an internship or first job, we welcome the opportunity to have a Complimentary Consultation with you. Schedule a call to speak with an advisor HERE. Call 973-577-6161 or visit Next Great Step.