Your student is back at school and they are ready to finish the year strong. But you are concerned they aren’t taking the necessary steps to get hired for an internship or job this summer.

Your student knows they need to plan for employment this summer. However, they are intimidated and overwhelmed by the process. Where do they start?

Here are 4 simple tips for students to plan for employment this semester:


Perfect the Resume and LinkedIn

This is the time to make sure that the resume and LinkedIn Profile are ready to go. The resume should be clear with a focus on what was accomplished in past work experience, clubs, classes. Being concise is key with a focus on skills. Also, if your student is in the creative or writing space, an online portfolio of work is recommended.

LinkedIn is also a great way to connect with contacts on-campus – professors, club members, and friends. Having a professional LinkedIn profile can enable companies to find your student. It is also a great resource for networking. LinkedIn can help them seek out professionals in their areas of interest and set up an informational interview to learn more. Does your student need help on how to use LinkedIn? Get access to our FREE Video Course “LinkedIn for College Students”


When the internship or job search gets difficult, students can be desperate and will apply to a lot of different jobs. They say, “I will do anything! I will work for anyone!” This is not what employers want to hear. Employers want candidates that are focused and have clarity about what they want to pursue. If they are not sure what to do, help them think about their skills. Direct them toward opportunities that can leverage these skills. The chance for success is greater when students narrow down the area they want to pursue.

Attend the Spring Career Fair

Did you know that many college students AVOID going to the Career Fair? Students are intimidated and overwhelmed. They may not have clarity on a career. Or maybe they just don’t know what to say about themselves when meeting a recruiter. This is the one-time recruiters come to campus looking for your student. They should go. They can plan by looking at the company list ahead of time, prioritizing the top 5-7 they want to meet and practice their elevator pitch. Your grad can get the essential guide and video on how to  “Ace the Career Fair” Workshop here.


Here’s an important statistic: 80% of jobs are based on referrals. Parents are great resources to help with referrals. However, your student needs to be prepared to meet anyone you may introduce them to. There are too many stories where parents make introductions and the kids blow it because they were too casual and thought mom or dad would take care of things. Referrals with preparation have the most success.

Unfortunately, there are no short-cuts to getting the summer job. Students need to balance finishing strong academically while putting in the effort to their search. There are many opportunities out there, they need to put in the time to make it happen.

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