I’m still wiping away the tears from dropping off my youngest son at college. I’ve done this before, but it doesn’t get easier. I am excited about his next step, but like many parents, I am trying to adjust to this transition.

This is the season of change.

It’s back to college for many with the hopes of a more “normal” year… which changes daily.

Or back to (or beginning) work. Recent college grads are facing the reality of entering the “real world.” Some are ready, some less so.

And parents feel the impending change of the calendar from August to September in a matter of weeks.

But as we approach this change, the job search often gets a surge in focus – whether it’s a college junior looking to secure an internship, a senior looking for the job after graduation, or an early career seeker ready for a change.

We understand this feeling. And we are ready to help your student or grad make a smooth transition to the next stage in their life.

We held a Live Office Hours event to address the many concerns from families about post-grad employment, the job market, and the new ways companies are screening candidates.

Highlights include:

8:00 Hiring Trends
18:00 How a Candidate Can Make the Most out of an Internship

20:48 Entry-Level Jobs Requiring Multiple Years of Experience
32:40 Increasing Your Chances of Getting the Interview After Applying
37:00 How to Determine if a Job is a Scam

I also answer questions on what soft skills companies want and how to make the cover letter stand out.

You can watch the Office Hours event HERE.

And speaking of change, I have an announcement …

I am excited to share that I am writing my first book. This book is about the challenges facing recent grads getting hired and what it takes for them to land the job they deserve. It is geared toward parents and provides insight on how they can better understand the process and provide guidance to their kids. This should be ready to share in early 2022. Stay tuned for details.

If you are interested in learning more about your programs, we invite you to schedule a Complimentary Consultation HERE.