How do you know if a job posting is a scam?

The job market is competitive and many early job seekers are eager to get their foot in the door. Getting a live interview can be difficult and scammers prey on vulnerable job seekers who are so eager for the opportunity that they fail to see the warning signs. 

Here is a story from one of our clients.

Dara, a graduating college senior, just told me about a digital marketing job that she thought was real, but it was a scam. She has her “Open to Work” banner on her LinkedIn profile and a recruiter from a Digital Marketing Agency reached out. They were looking for an entry-level candidate to manage digital marketing campaigns for a few clients and her profile seemed like a fit. She was told to apply for the job. Dara submitted her application that day. The recruiter returned to her immediately and asked for her bank account and social security information. The person stated it was necessary to get through the application process before getting an interview. Luckily, Dara thought twice about sending that information. She quickly blocked that person from her profile and then found through more searching that this company was a scam.

Here are 7 tips to determine if a job posting is real or a scam.
  1. Look up the person and the company on Linkedin. How many employees work there? Do the employees have many connections? Look at their LinkedIn profile.
  2. Reach out to a current employee to learn more about the company or read employee reviews on Glassdoor.
  3. Watch for anonymity. If it is difficult to find an address, actual contact, company name, etc., proceed with caution. 
  4. Check the email address… are there spelling errors or is one letter off? i.e. Amazonn
  5. Be cautious of employers reaching out over instant messenger or asking you to show up in person without a pre-screening phone interview.
  6. If they are asking you for money… run the other way
  7. Do a Google search and type: [Company Name] [Position] [Scam]. This will tell you quickly if others had the same experience.

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