Are you thinking of Career Coaching for your grad? Next Great Step provides coaching to college students and recent grads to help them gain interview skills, confidence in networking, and help them land that first job. Our coaching is offered in a couple of formats – private and group coaching. If career coaching is the next step in the journey for your recent grad, you might be debating between one-on-one and small group advisory services. Here are 4 benefits of our Fast Start Group Coaching program.

Camaraderie of working with peers.

You think your grad is the only one who is struggling to land a job… but they are not. Our groups bring grads and students together from different majors and aspirations but the common goal is the same – getting focused and gaining confidence to succeed with the job search.

A recent student said, “It was assuring to know that I feel just like other students do. The pressure from parents and peers is hard. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with my search.”

Simple step by step approach.

Because we work in a group, we have clear objectives for each session. We remove the stress by using a structured approach that helps job seekers understand themselves, what they want and how to go after it.

A few topics covered are: Skills Stories, Targeting Employers, LinkedIn, Resume, Letter Writing, Meeting Planning, Mock Interviews and more.

Tools that make sense.

Next Great Step utilizes LIVE online video to deliver the coaching sessions to grads. Distance is not a limitation. Students have access to training from the comfort of their home or school. Next Great Step also provides a new program workbook each week and shares the video recording from each live session. Advisors provide an individualized review of student content prior to each session and then share examples of student output in a group setting.

Plus, each attendee receives an additional private session with a Next Great Step advisor to address any specific questions. They learn simple techniques and receive expert feedback on how to pursue their search with success.

It works.

A recent student shared, “The transformation from week 1 to week 6 is pretty impressive. When I started, I felt stuck. Now I feel confident and I am ready to take on my job search. I already have interviews lined up and I am excited to see how they go.”

Another student shared, “The Next Great Step team was amazing! The biggest takeaway for me was solidifying my core skills. Having these established skills is very valuable in an interview because you already know your examples and experiences that you can connect to the job. Also, the Next Great Step team laid out the material so it was easy to follow and implement on your own. Their notes on networking have been extremely helpful to me in my search for internships.”

If you want to see if group coaching is right for your grad, speak with a Next Great Step advisor today. Call us at 973-577-6161 or contact us for a complimentary consultation HERE.