It’s post-winter break, and if you are a college student, there’s a good chance you may still be wanting to find an internship for next summer. While it’s true that many of the internship programs fill up in the Fall, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any opportunity left. I know for a fact that there is still time left, as I’ve helped students find them at this time of year several times in the past. This time of year can actually be a great time to make connections, and find that job for next summer. While many think that everyone is on vacation, so no one is around, that isn’t always true. Many times, the slow-down is the perfect time to be in touch, as companies have time to respond, and they are often making decisions about their hiring needs for the upcoming year. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few tips to help:


  • Make connections. Speak to friends and family during the holidays. Ask them about their jobs and how they got started. Ask for advice on how to pursue your search.

  • Be professional. It’s great to connect with family friends but keep it professional…in both your writing and how you speak to others. It’s better to use email than text. Before you write a letter or speak with someone, think about what skills you have with specific experiences to back it up. And then think about how you can help the other person to achieve success.

  • Be open to different types of opportunities. There are thousands of jobs and work situations that could offer opportunities for you. Be willing to speak to a lot of people who are in different roles and industries. You never know who can connect you to someone else.


  • Think everyone is on vacation and put off connecting until the spring. Many companies like to hire for their internships now. People do work over the holidays and tend to have more time to connect. Take advantage of that.

  • Be too casual. Emojis, texting, and incomplete sentences can hurt your chances of getting a conversation with someone. Also, the way you dress is important as well. If a family friend invites you to have coffee, put on nicer clothes to meet. People are evaluating you from the moment they see you.

  • Contact people you never met and just ask for an internship. Building credibility and developing a relationship takes time. If you are abrupt or too desperate for a job, it is a turnoff to employers.

Looking for a job or internship takes time but if you keep focused, it will happen. If you are interested in getting step-by-step guidance on how to get an internship over winter break we can help. Contact an advisor at Next Great Step for a Complimentary Consultation.