Are you a parent worried about your grad getting a job? Does your student apply to dozens of jobs without success? Or they get an interview but never hear back?

Maybe you want to help your grad but you have not looked for a job yourself in over 30 years, and the job search has absolutely changed since then.

Here are 3 simple tips to minimize the stress and support your grad to accelerate their career search right now.

Watch Video – 3 Tips to Guide Your Grad

1. Help them get clear.

When the job search gets difficult, grads are sometimes desperate and will apply to a lot of different jobs. They say, “I will do anything! I will work for anyone!” This is not what employers want to hear.  Employers want candidates that are focused and have clarity about what they want to pursue. Help your grad to get clear on the top 3 skills they can bring to an employer. This should also direct them toward opportunities that can leverage these skills. Help them narrow down the area they want to pursue.

2. Make referrals…when appropriate.

80% of jobs are based on referrals and parents are a great source of contacts. You can make referrals. However, your grad needs to be prepared to meet anyone you may introduce them to. There are too many stories where parents make introductions and the kids blow it because they were too casual and thought mom or dad would take care of things. Referrals with preparation have the most success.

3. Remind them to be professional. 

A hiring executive told me,IT TAKES 5 MINUTES TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION AND 2 SECONDS TO GET RID OF IT.” Re-enforce expected manners such as good eye contact and a strong handshake. They should be dressed professional…even if the workplace they are visiting is casual. And most importantly, they should send a thank you note 24 hours after every meeting.

Parents often give great advice, it’s just hard for grads to hear it since it comes from Mom or Dad. The job search is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience and persistence will yield success. If you know a grad that needs help to achieve their next great step, visit us here for a free consultation.