Next Great Step was honored to be featured in The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, in an article titled “Should You Give Up Your Salary and Go to Grad School?”. Beth Hendler-Grunt offers advice on how to evaluate if grad school is the right fit for a recent grad after college or if it’s a “really expensive procrastinating tactic”.

The following are highlights from the article.

Beth Hendler-Grunt, the president of Next Great Step, which coaches college students and recent graduates on careers, advises to work several years before pursuing a master’s degree. Some experience makes applicants more attractive to admissions offices and makes it easier for students to contribute to class discussions. She also urges those considering graduate school not to use it to put off professional networking or job searching.

“It’s a really expensive procrastinating tactic,” she says.

To determine whether graduate school is the path to that dream job, ask a school’s admissions division to connect you with alumni, or find them on LinkedIn, she suggests. Then ask those alumni how they got their positions. Or, work backward: On LinkedIn, identify someone who went to your undergraduate school and now has a job you want, and see whether they got a postsecondary credential.

Read the full WSJ article here.

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