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Resume Checklist

The resume is an essential tool in the job search journey.
We are pleased to share our Resume Checklist that provides expert tips on how make your resume stand out in this competitive market.

College to Career Road Map

Navigating from college to a career can be tough.
When is the right time for a young adult to start the career search? Earlier than you think!
We are pleased to provide a College to Career Road Map that offers year by year advice for students so they can start early and achieve career success when they graduate.

5 Essential Tips - How To Guide Your Student To Land A Job Out Of College

Download the guidance now to discover what you can do to increase your students chances of being hired right away.

Ace the LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the primary tools to land a job. Is your profile ready?
Are you ready to make connections?
This checklist gives you the key tips to Ace the LinkedIn Profile and start making connections.

Ace the Virtual Interview

Virtual Interviews are the new way of the world. Are you prepared?
Do you know how to prepare differently for a virtual interview compared to in-person interviews?
This checklist gives you the key tips of what you need to do in order to ace the virtual interview before, during and after.

LinkedIn for College Students

Your student knows they should be on LinkedIn but they are not sure where to get started. Maybe there is a basic profile with some college info or it has a few part-time jobs. But what do you do with it? How do you look for a job and how can people find you? We created a self-paced video that covers:
Profile Basics
How to Network
Tricks to Land the Job
This free, easy to follow video will enable you to use LinkedIn and land the job out of college.

Virtual Career Fair Worksheet

College Fairs at colleges and universities are currently all virtual.

How do you prepare?

Get the Worksheet that includes preparation and strategy tips, company research tips, and a sample elevator pitch. 

Ace The Career Fair

Your college student may AVOID going to the Career Fair. Students are intimidated and overwhelmed. They may not have clarity on a career. Or maybe they just don’t know what to say about themselves when meeting a recruiter. They know they should go but many avoid it. 

Get our free training ACE THE CAREER FAIR. This is a quick 18-min video and PDF planning guide to help students feel confident and improve their chances of getting an offer.

Tune in to our YouTube Channel

Join us as Beth Hendler-Grunt answers your most pressing questions about how to land a job after graduation, internship advice, interview tips and more. Get expert advice for your career search needs.

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Bridging the Gap from College to the Real World – What are the Keys to Success?  

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