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Take the stress out of finding a job after college
Transitioning from college to the real world is not easy, we have the answer
80% of Next Great Step clients land their desired job
Does this sound familiar?
At Next Great Step
Our expert career counselors make navigating from college to career easier for recent graduates...
and their families.

With a simple step-by-step approach we teach grads what it takes to land the first job and beyond.

Call 973-577-6161 or book a free consultation below to discover what we can do for your family today.

Transitioning from college to the real world is not easy...

Of the 2 million+ students that graduate each year...
Will be unemployed between ages 20-24…
Will be underemployed after graduating…
Will need a referral to obtain their first job…

87% of graduates believe they are ready to work... but only 50% of hiring managers agree...

Each year millions of recent graduates are thrust headfirst into an intimidating, confusing new world and told to find a career.
Is your grad prepared?
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A college education is a great first step…but it’s not a guarantee.
With more Americans than ever obtaining post-secondary degrees, the competition for finding a job after college can be fierce. The straightforward college to employment pipeline from past generations no longer exists. That doesn’t mean your student/grad can’t gain a leg up on other applicants….

At Next Great Step, our professional college career counselors help college graduates and their parents bridge the gap between higher education and the real world.
Clients land their desired job because we provide
Clarity on Career Direction
Make entering the job market easier for your grad with techniques that teach them how to discover opportunities while targeting the right companies and the right people.
Networking Skills
We empower recent graduates to understand their value, communicate with confidence, and stand out from peers when pursuing their dream job. 
Actionable Career
Our expert methodologies are proven to help students land the job. They will have an effective resume, professional LinkedIn profile, and expert interview preparation via live video coaching. 

Call 973-577-6161 today or schedule your free consultation below and discover how we can help your student/graduate take their Next Great Step.

Next Great Step
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Despite the advantages, only 40% of recent grads use career services.

Give your graduate access to expert help needed to land the stable, secure employment they deserve all via live video coaching. 

Parent Feedback

Check out what these parents had to say about their experiences!

We were amazed at the difference Next Great Step made in our son’s ability to understand his strengths and the value that he brings to an organization. We can’t recommend Next Great Step highly enough – and have already engaged them to help our daughter get a summer internship."

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Next Great Step worked with our daughter who felt lost after graduating from a very prestigious private Boston area university. Their help was targeted and professionally done, with insight into what the other side is looking for in a candidate. We could not speak highly enough about the professional advice, guidance and reassurance Next Great Step has provided for our daughter."

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Next Great Step was the missing link to helping my son get a job out of college. My son became more articulate, concise and confident when interviewing and pursuing opportunities. If you think your son or daughter needs an edge when interviewing for a first job or internship, I would highly recommend Next Great Step."

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Together let's help your college grad take the next great step.

Give us a call at 973-577-6161 or book a consultation below to put your student/graduate on the path to a rewarding career today.   

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