Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

As college graduates celebrate this accomplishment, the mood feels different. The Class of 2024 had a “virtual” high school graduation due to the pandemic and much of college life was disrupted from what was planned. As young adults enter the “real world” there is uncertainty.

I have been speaking with many families of Class of 2024 graduates about the challenges of landing a job. I also hear from plenty of Class of 2023 and Class of 2022 families with a young adult still searching. This process is just more difficult than anyone expected.

My calls from concerned family members about their young adults have a similar sentiment…

“My son is a computer science major from a top school but I think he needs direction. He goes on Indeed and applies to many jobs with little results. He does not know what he is doing wrong.”

“My daughter applied for many financial analyst jobs. She gets far in the interview process but can’t close the deal. She is losing confidence and I am worried about her.”

“My son has had a series of interviews for an internship but no offers. He is not comfortable networking. This is outside his comfort zone. I offer advice but he does not want to listen.”

I understand the worry, frustration, fear, and overwhelm. However, grads tend to skip over the steps that push them over the finish line and earn them a job offer over others.

With a little extra effort, these strategies can differentiate your grad from others:

  1. Focus. College students who know what type of internship or entry-level job they want and why they want it will have more success. The head of campus recruiting for a top financial firm recently told me, “We don’t want a candidate who says I want to be in finance. We want them to be specific and express which department they want to work for…such as securities, investment banking, or wealth management.” She stated that students don’t necessarily need extensive experience in a certain area but must explain why they want it and what they have done to show their competency in a certain skill set.
  2. Connect. At first glance, it appears there are hundreds of jobs to be had when applying to an online job site. It’s so easy to click the “easy apply” button. It is a wonderfully passive way to apply for a job. Just click and wait…and wait. The better way to spend time is by networking with someone working at the company or reaching out to the HR recruiter via LinkedIn. Let them know you applied and connect to speak with them further. Making direct contact with an employee will improve the chance of success.
  3. Persist and Persevere. This one is hard. A single email, letter, or phone call will often not be enough when contacting someone. Employers are dealing with many candidates, in addition to day-to-day business demands, and often do not respond on the first try. Many students get discouraged and think that if someone doesn’t reply after a single attempt they have no chance…not so. The students who continually follow up to show interest and persist in getting a meeting or conversation with a contact separate them from the others.

When in doubt, go the extra mile to advance the career search.

We are here for you! We welcome the opportunity to support you or your grad through this process. If you want to learn more about how we help students and grads land an internship or first job, we welcome the opportunity to have a Complimentary Consultation with you. Schedule a call HERE. Call 973-577-6161 or visit Next Great Step.

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