What if you could give your child the tools they need to land their first job out of college?

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The Next Great Step shares the secrets that parents need to understand to successfully launch their grad. I have collaborated on projects with Beth and she is a passionate expert who helps college graduates land the job of their dreams. She knows how to solve this problem.

Joe Battista

Author of The Power of Pragmatic Passion: 7 Common Sense Principles for Achieving Personal and Professional Success, Hall of Fame hockey coach

The days of students simply going to their college career center to find a job have long since passed. In a world of job boards, career sites, and video interviews—how can they stand out amongst the crowd? Beth-Hendler Grunt has done an incredible job of attacking the problem strategically and practically. I highly recommend both parents and students read The Next Great Step to help land an amazing job after college.

Eric Kayne

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, Human Resources

This book is a testament to Beth’s hard work and understanding of how parents can best support their students to breakthrough as they learn key life skills that will help them win that first job or internship and then make a difference throughout their career. The Next Great Step was the missing link to helping my son get the right job out of college. He just needed a little help tying it all together and understanding what employers were really looking for and how to communicate his value.

Steve Fleischer

Sales Leader, Healthcare & Benefits

We were amazed at the difference Next Great Step made in our son’s ability to understand his strengths and the value that he brings to an organization. In short order, he was able to clearly articulate how the skills he has developed made him a good fit for the jobs he was targeting. We can’t recommend Beth and Next Great Step highly enough – and have already engaged them to help our daughter get a summer internship.

Elizabeth K.


The Next Great Step is a must-read that shares all the secrets for success that should be taught in college but aren’t. Beth Hendler-Grunt shares a tried, tested, and true approach to conducting a successful employment search that will land college graduates the job of their dreams.

Harris Nydick, CFP

Co-Author, Common Financial Sense, and managing partner of CFS Investment Advisory Services

What if students knew how to approach a job search like a CEO?” In this book, Beth has armed her students with the same methodologies and language that CEOs use to shape the value and direction of their companies. This book provides your student with a “post-graduate” degree in business language and approach to enable them to express their value and differentiate themselves to land the job.

Dave Peterschmidt

Chairman of the Board, Limelight Networks

Young grads aren’t prepared for the job market.

They excelled in college, but now they’re struggling to be proactive in their job search, and are failing to meet the expectations of employers.

They just can’t seem to communicate their value with confidence or speak about their skills in an engaging way.

Simply put, young grads are lost, confused, and uncertain about how to land their first job.

This is a major problem.

Not only does it cause your child to feel down, frustrated, and hopeless, but it creates stress for you and the entire household too.

As the saying goes, “Parents are only as happy as their unhappiest child.”

And when emotions are running high, it creates tension between family members that can tear you apart when you need to become closer.

It’s heartbreaking.

But there’s a new approach…

This new approach teaches young grads a strategy for their job search.

It gives them a way to stand out from the crowd.

And it shows them how to execute a clear plan when meeting prospective employers.

I know that sounds too good to be true, but the fact is, this is 100% possible, in much less time than you think.

Allow me to reveal this approach to you in my new book…


The Next Great Step

The Parents’ Guide to Launching Your New Grad Into a Career

Hi, I’m Beth Hendler-Grunt!

My sole focus is to help college students and recent grads to understand what it takes to land the job they deserve. I understand what employers expect and I share secrets from the other side of hiring in The Next Great Step. I focus solely on career coaching for young adults and can share what it takes for post-grads to achieve career success. Additionally, I coach parents and assure them that companies are indeed hiring, and landing a post-college job is possible when grads focus on developing and implementing the right strategies.

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect to learn in The Next Great Step:


The 3 Perspectives Of You, Your Grad & The Employer (and how the differences affect your child’s success)


How To Define Success For Sustained Motivation


What They Need To “Stand Out” From Other Grads


Why A Resume Isn’t Enough – and what else you need


And much, much more

I’ve gone above and beyond to demystify networking and show how young adults can build a network in a simple, easy-to-understand way… without feeling overwhelmed. In addition, I provide answers to many sample interview questions, how to prep for an interview, Cover Letter, etc….

When you get your copy of The Next Great Step, you’ll become your grad’s very own career coach.

You’ll be with them every step of the way, helping them achieve their goals and build a stronger relationship with your child in the process.

What effect would that have on them?

How many more job offers do you think they would land? How much more accomplished and confident would they be about working?

I promise you, with the tools and processes in this book, there’s nothing that can stop your grad from landing a job doing what they studied hard to do.

Don’t let them wait any longer.

Click the button below to order your copy of The Next Great Step today and let me guide you and your child to the start of their exciting new career.

Beth Hendler-Grunt

Beth Hendler-Grunt is a dynamic leader, adviser, and founder of Next Great Step.

For the last 20 years, she has helped many businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, develop and implement strategies to achieve success.

With her firm Next Great Step, she has leveraged and scaled that corporate expertise to guide college students to succeed after graduating.

And now in her first book, The Next Great Step, Beth is handing over her winning tools and processes to any parent who wants to help their child to do the same.

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This book will not only help parents

This book will not only help parents directly, it can also be a tool for companies and HR departments to provide a valuable benefit to their employees. It can help financial advisors enhance their support to clients, or help mental health professionals in their counsel of young adults trying to forge the next step. It also can enable companies to accelerate the promotion process for their associates, or assist University leaders to provide better guidance to their students. All of these people will benefit from knowing about The Next Great Step.