Your young adult spent FOUR (or more) years at college. In the excitement of end-of-year planning, DON’T let them leave empty-handed! Be sure they do these 3 things before they leave campus: 

Ask Professors for References! Grad schools or jobs may require a reference and it’s best to get it from a professor that knows them well and can speak to their abilities. Also, professors have connections and resources that can lead to more than just a reference. They could be a direct link to a contact, internship, or new job.

Use Campus Resources. It’s not too late to use many of the resources on campus that often go unused.  Students can still access Career Services, the writing center, tutoring programs, and even the Office of Student Life. These resources can help with interview skills, refine the resume, and help decide what kind of job or field to pursue post-graduation.

Get the LinkedIn Profile and Resume READY! Taking inventory of accomplishments throughout college and reflecting on those in their LinkedIn Profile and resume should be done while still at school. It’s a lot easier to remember while on campus. LinkedIn is the go-to platform for job seekers and recruiters. And now is a great time for grads to connect with all their school friends and contacts on LI before leaving campus. 

Are they unsure about how to build their profile or what to include? They can access our free resource on how to have a great LinkedIn profile HERE. LinkedIn also has a new feature where a candidate can let a company know they are interested in working for them. 

Before leaving campus, grads should maximize all of the connections, resources, and relationships forged in college to help launch them into their next great step. And be sure to celebrate all that they have accomplished! 

And if they don’t have a job by graduation, do not worry. They are not alone. Once they have the time to focus on this next step, it will happen.

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