Private One-On-One Coaching

Next Great Step® now has access to the HireVue platform to simulate one-way interviews. Our clients will now have the ability to practice, learn and get real-time feedback on their interview performance.

Private One-On-One Coaching

This 90 Day, private, one-on-one program, is for students and graduates who seek customized support to FOCUS on what areas to pursue and gain CONFIDENCE on how to navigate the search process to land a job or internship. Our expert advisors provide live online coaching for clients using Zoom.

Clients will achieve the following by the end of the program:

  • Clarity on what skills they possess to help them find jobs that align to their talents
  • Focus on the right jobs to pursue so they don’t waste time on dead ends
  • Networking techniques to connect with the right people so they are plugged into real opportunities
  • Job interview skills to ace the interview when other candidates are sweating it out
  • Knowledge of their value and how to communicate it to prospective employers
  • Right tools to land the job or internship:
    – Resume and LinkedIn review
    – Letter templates (cover, thank you, networking)
    – Instructional videos to support class content
    – One-way interview practice with HireVue software
    – Program workbook

Programs support also includes

  • Customized resume and LinkedIn review
  • Customized edits to sample letters (cover, thank you, networking)
  • Elevator pitch, career fair strategy & mock interview practice
  • Program workbook
  • Remote coaching and email access to an advisor for 3 months from the start of the program

Program Fee: Pricing available following Discovery Call

We were amazed at the difference Next Great Step made in our son’s ability to understand his strengths and the value that he brings to an organization. In short order he was able to clearly articulate how the skills he has developed made him a good fit for the jobs he was targeting. We can’t recommend Next Great Step highly enough – and have already engaged them to help our daughter get a summer internship.

Elizabeth K.


These services are ideal for:


College Sophomores planning ahead for the summer internship of Junior Year.


College Juniors and Seniors planning ahead for the next internship or campus job interviews.


Recent graduates who need to get a job out of college.


Those seeking guidance on which career path to pursue and how to effectively impact your network and prospective employers.


Students and graduates who need last minute preparation for interviews or meetings.

Every engagement will be customized to individual needs and requirements. Recommended services will be determined after the initial consultation.