Membership Program

Next Great Step® Path to Success Membership Program

This program is exclusively for clients who have completed the NGS private or group coaching programs. This will provide the momentum for clients to stay accountable and on track to land the job.

Membership Benefits:

  • Accountability – 2x-weekly check-in. Actionable tasks and interview “question of the week.” Feedback from advisors.
  • Additional content and career searching advice.
  • Community – Supportive community of like-minded early career job seekers.
  • Email Access – Unlimited email access to advisors.
  • At conclusion, (15) minute check-in with advisor.
  • Commitment – Month-to-month membership. No minimum time required.

Introductory Pricing $49/month

Registration is only available to current NGS clients.


These services are ideal for:


College Sophomores planning ahead for the summer internship of Junior Year.


College Juniors and Seniors planning ahead for the next internship or campus job interviews.


Recent graduates who need to get a job out of college.


Those seeking guidance on which career path to pursue and how to effectively impact your network and prospective employers.


Students and graduates who need last minute preparation for interviews or meetings.

Every engagement will be customized to individual needs and requirements. Recommended services will be determined after the initial consultation.